From the Ashes

“The tragedy of life is not death

but what we let die inside of us while we live.” 

Native American Adage


Perhaps you are struggling right now. Perhaps you are dealing with a setback. Maybe you’ve experienced a traumatic event and are grappling to get beyond it. There is hope. There is light. You will gain strength from your trials. When we are given life’s tests, we can grow. In the Sierra Nevada, the mighty sequoia trees do not germinate until they’ve been through a forest fire. The heat from the fire opens the seed cones. In order to be born, they literally have to go through hell. From the fire grows a massive, beautiful, strong sequoia tree. Once grown, these trees are now fire resistant.

The traumatic event you’re experiencing may be your rebirth. After coming through your battle, you will be stronger and more resilient. On the other side of pain and loss is strength. See this struggle as a path to a stronger you.