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As a divorce strategist, I help women and men navigate this overwhelming process more confidently. I give you what you need to come through your divorce without being devastated – legally, financially, and emotionally. My services help you avoid the mistakes that hurt so many others during this chaotic time.

Individual Coaching Packages offer customized support from three months to six months.

This extremely limited option will:

*provide you with the individualized guidance needed to navigate this complex process

*learn how to avoid financial, legal, and emotional mistakes that hurt you

*give you guidance when dealing with a difficult ex

*provide clarity strategies to overcome loneliness and betrayal

*develop strategies to reduce your stress and anxiety

*help you develop clear and compelling goals as you transition into a new chapter

*include individualized email, text and Facebook support

Group coaching sessions offer small-group support (starting next month).

In a small group virtual setting you will:

*learn how to navigate the divorce process and what to expect

*learn about resources to help you make more informed financial decisions

*receive resources to help you overcome stress, overwhelm, and learn to thrive after divorce*learn how to get off your emotional roller coaster

*learn your legal and financial options

*receive support from others going through divorce

*get email support

*have membership in a supportive Facebook group

In addition to individual coaching, I organize and conduct half-day or full-day workshops. I hold bi-weekly support group meetings to help you connect with other women who understand what you’re going through.

Go to my Facebook group for resources and support.


The sooner we set up your complimentary session, the better able I am to help you avoid the legal, financial, and emotional mistakes that devastate so many people during divorce.

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