Embracing Discomfort

As I was working out at my local gym, I overheard a trainer telling her client that she can’t expect results without having some discomfort.  This was very profound to me, although not in the way that trainer necessarily meant it. I know that what she said rings true as one is working out. In order for us to build muscle mass and change our bodies, we must push our muscles past their comfort level. We will see results only if we push ourselves past the comfort zone of our current strength level.

But I realized that this is true for us emotionally and mentally as well. In order for us to grow as individuals, we must force ourselves out of our comfort zone. To meet new people at a party, we must reach out and introduce ourselves to strangers. In order to get that new job or a raise, we must put ourselves out there and take risks. Taking risks can be uncomfortable. We have to face our fear of rejection. But until we go beyond what we already know and do, we can’t grow and develop. Take the risk. Embrace your discomfort.high rock climb