Bring it up, Bring it down

“What we think, we become.”


Two of the most life changing habits I’ve made in my life are the addition of regular, vigorous exercise and meditation. I’m a runner and believe that it has helped control my weight, but just as important, it has helped me maintain a healthy mental state. When I go several days without exercise, I can feel my mood decline and my energy levels drop. Throw in a few unhealthy meal choices, and here comes Godzilla!

Secondly, I recently added meditation to my morning schedule. I know that you’re thinking that there is NO way you can add another activity to your already hectic schedule! I understand! But after a few short sessions, I actually CRAVED the meditation and my body instinctively woke up early to squeeze it in. I have been surprised at how drastically it has eased my anxiety and helped me to fight off negative thought cycles that sometimes entangle me. When our thoughts are in a constant negative cycle, it affects our actions. This is what Buddha is referring to in the above quote. By meditating, it is possible to stay in the moment, or mindful of the present. It helps to stop the negative thoughts from controlling our behavior. When we focus our thoughts on love, peace, or light, our actions will inevitably follow.

I strongly urge you to adopt these positive changes in your life. Begin by taking short walks and increase your time and speed daily. Make small changes in your diet-such as cut out drinks with calories and sugar, eat out fewer times a week, and switch to whole grains and high fiber/low sugar snacks.Download a meditation app or try a Yoga class at your gym. Remember, put yourself first! You must take care of YOU in order to take care of others!