Back to School Survival Tips for Families of Divorce

With school events, sports, and fall activities starting up this fall, handling the communication about your children is a hassle when both parents live under the same roof. If you’re a family of divorce, it’s even more difficult. However, keeping the lines of communication after a divorce with your spouse is important for the sake of your children. Staying open and positive is essential, so parents may need to make the extra effort to stay organized.  How do you handle the keeping up with all the correspondence and activities when the stress of all the fall happenings start back up? The following tips that my family uses can help you stay organized when the hectic schedules gear up.

Tip Number 1: Inform the school and the teachers

Let teachers and school personnel know how to contact all parents of your child. Explain how all the parents are involved and want to support their child’s education. Request that you will need two copies of letters, brochures, etc. Send the teacher an email with all pertinent emails and contact information of https://graduateowls.com/ so she can easily contact everyone.

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Tip Number 2: Have ONE folder for both homes.

In our family, each child has a folder and one parent reads the papers, homework, initial it, and leave it for the other parent to see. When both parents have seen it, it is trashed or sent back to school, if needed. We inform the teacher of our system so she’s aware to leave the papers in the folder an extra day or so.

Tip Number 3: Use the same visual reminders in both households

If you have a chore chart, it is easiest if you have the same one in both households so that the children know that the expectations are the same. Another trick that I use with my children is I make magnets for both homes with the specials listed for each day so that there is no confusion when they need to wear their sneakers or bring their library books. Use pinterest to find little tricks to make organization quick.

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