Top Five Fall Family Activities

0is0ojtqn1Autumn is the perfect time to harvest the love of your family and friends. It’s a time to reconnect with nature as well as with your loved ones. Find activities that allow you to be mindful of nature’s gifts. Be inspired by the vibrant colors of the trees, the crisp bite of a fresh apple. Delight in the texture of a newly picked pumpkin and its prickly stem. After reading my list of favorite fall activities, please share the activities that have positively impacted your family!

  1. Go Apple Picking– This family activity will delight each of your five senses! After enjoying being outdoors in the lovely orchard and choosing delicious apples, the best part is being able to take the apples home to eat and cook and bake to continue to enjoy the experience for many days! My family enjoys traveling to Wisconsin to pick Honeycrisps. We always have enough to share with friends. And we never miss the freshly made apple cider donuts that are cooked in the bakery of the farm!
  2. Enjoy an Autumn Walk– Take your family to the woods to enjoy the fall colors. Point out the changing trees, kick through the leaves, and encourage children to collect the leaves to compare their colors, textures, and shapes. We love going to the local nature park that overlooks a lake with a bird sanctuary. It’s a great place to bike.
  3. Cook a Fall Treat– Choose a favorite recipe and have the whole family help cook. Each year, my family experiments with adding pumpkin to recipes. We discovered a delicious pumpkin butter! From apple pies to pumpkin pancakes, the list of autumn yummies is endless!
  4. Go Pumpkin Picking-We were lucky enough this year to grow a pumpkin in our garden this year. (It’s surprisingly easy and fun to observe.) But if you don’t have room for a large pumpkin vine, visit a farm and pick your own. Encourage children to feel and explore the different sized and varieties of pumpkins. Relish their textures and colors.
  5. Decorate to Celebrate the Season-One of the best parts of this season is being able to decorate. The fall allows us to bring nature indoors. The decorations can be simple yet festive. Children can collect branches covered with fall leaves, pinecones, and pumpkins. A few simple lights added can bring warmth to any room. Having children make their own decorations can be an entertaining and lively family activity. I delight in bringing out my children’s homemade crafts as we begin to decorate for Halloween. I still love my son’s toilet paper roll Frankenstein and my daughter’s black paper plate cat that they made as preschoolers! Check out online sites for ideas to make inexpensive, easy, age-appropriate crafts from painting pumpkins to paper plate bats.