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As a divorce coach, I empower people to create an amazing life following divorce. Whether you are contemplating leaving a long-term relationship or your divorce is finalized, I offer one-on-on support to guide you toward finding a sense of peace and clarity.

Individual Coaching Packages offer customized support starting at three months.

During one-on-one sessions I will:

*extremely limited option

*provide you with the guidance needed to navigate the tumultuous process that is divorce

*uncover what may be sabotaging you from moving forward

*provide clarity strategies to overcome heartache and loneliness

*support you during co-parenting

*help you develop clear and compelling goals to create the life of your dreams as you transition into a new chapter

*individualized email and text support

*membership in a supportive Facebook group

Group coaching sessions offer small-group support (starting February). In a small group setting you will:

*receive support from myself and others going through divorce

*participate in weekly on-line coaching sessions for eight weeks around a common topic

*receive resources to help you overcome stress, overwhelm, and learn to thrive after divorce

*email support

*membership in a supportive Facebook group

In addition to individual coaching, I organize and conduct half-day or full-day workshops.

Our next workshop is January 27th in Plainfield where you will receive emotional support, legal education, and financial guidance from three divorce experts for a nominal fee. Get tickets here

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