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It gives me tremendous pleasure to give Coach Terrie Vanover a heartfelt recommendation as a professional coach. Terrie coached me on a very sensitive family issue where I felt derailed, frustrated and very stuck. Her brilliant coaching helped me expand my perspective and gain insights that I immediately put into action. The coaching was transfomational and I feel very energized. I am grateful that I now embody grace as I stand for my values. I see clearer, feel proud and my vibrancy is back. Thank you coach Terrie!

Chris C

When I had my initial interaction with Terrie as her client, I was at a low in my marriage and I was struggling for “solutions” to try to figure out what I wanted and needed to do to either work through my marriage or leave it.  The best attribute that I found in Terrie is that she never gave me solutions or advice.  Her position as my coach drove her to use what she “heard” me say in the conversation to help me discover what I wanted as the end result.  When we would come to the point in the conversation where I was looking for her magical answer, she always responded with, “What I’m hearing you say is….”  I loved that about meeting with her because her coaching was led by my words and she always followed it with asking me what I wanted to do or see happen.  Terrie put it back on me to come up with how I wanted to proceed with my decisions.
I  feel very confident in speaking with her about my personal dilemmas knowing that she is not judging me, but coaching me along based on information I have provided her.  She is a guide to help come to a solution for the situation or dilemma I am in.  I struggled with finding the inner personal problem that was causing this strife in my marriage.  While talking with Terrie, she helped me realize that some of my approaches towards my husband were the cause of a lot of our marital strife.  When I stepped back and put into place some of the techniques I was given and being passionate about my relationship striving to make it work, things started coming into place and we began enjoying each other again.  Terrie’s charisma, passion, and dedication to her clients are very visible.  I hope you feel the same way about Terrie after speaking with her.


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