About Terrie

TVHeadshotI felt powerless. I was completely overwhelmed. As my divorce dragged on, I was losing hope. I was struggling to be a good mother. I was reeling from losing my marriage, my home, and my sense of who I was. But I prevailed through the darkness. Not only that, I chose to rise above my situation and find my voice. I used my experience of pain to help other women through the process. I became an entrepreneur by starting my own coaching business and wrote a guide book, Seven Tips to Help You Survive Divorce.  With my unique experience and education, I can guide you to find your inner strength, guide you back towards your true path, and help you navigate co-parenting with your ex.  Through this turbulent time, I offer you a safe, supportive, nonjudgmental sounding board. Together, we can find your identity and hope for your new chapter in life.  Choose to rise by contacting me to help you today.